Oi Frog! Poems with Year One

We had a fantastic first day back after the Christmas break looking at the books Oi Frog and Oi Dog. We specifically looked at the rhymes and rhyming patterns used by the author to help create our own poems. In addition we used the website Rhyme Zone to help with any tricky rhyming words! In the afternoon we had the chance to perform and share our poems with Year One. We hope they liked our efforts!

Fantastic Fossils by year 5

In year five we have been making fossils here’s how we made them.

First,we had a plastic cup and a handful or more of clay that we had to put inside the cup. Then we had to smooth the clay inside the cup so it would be smooth and we did this with our thumbs.After that we took a plastic toy of a dinosaur and pushed it into the clay. Next , we poured in plaster and waited for it to dry.

You can make these at home using these ingredients

A plastic cup


Dinosaur mould or any little toy


Wait till the next day to crack it open and take off the clay and your left with an incredible piece .

By Oliwia, Umar and Suzanna