Cricket coaching with the Gloucestershire Cricket Board

Last week Two Mile Hill Primary School hosted Crispin Shingler, a coach from the Gloucestershire Cricket Board. Crispin coached our Years 5 and 6 in various fielding skills such as catching, ground fielding and throwing and everyone got stuck in with the quick version of cricket Crispin introduced, with some excellent batting skills on display.

Crispin says “I was made to feel very welcome by the pupils and staff here at Two Mile Hill Primary School. Years 5 and 6 really embraced cricket and I hope they continue to play in any way they can.”


Crispin runs a free cricket club for girls aged 8 – 16 called Wicketz every Friday (except bank holidays) 5.30pm – 7.00pm at The Rose Green Centre, 65 Gordon Road, Bristol, BS5 7DR. For more information, you can email Crispin – or call him on 07398 211 596.


Boys can also play cricket at The Rose Green Centre on Fridays 6.00pm – 8.00pm with Bristol West Indies Phoenix Cricket Club. For further details please contact Theron Gordon, the Youth Coaching Co-ordinator, or call him on 07580 274 873.  

Science experiment 

Today year 4/5 a science experiment with hot and cold water to see which material dissolved faster.

We used flour,salt,sugar and a teabag.Any thing in the hot water dissolved faster than if it was in cold.

The materials that dissolved in hot water was:salt,sugar and teabag.

The flour didn’t dessolve instead it turned into a slimey texture so it thickened.

Would you try this at home with your siblings?

Written and published by Shantayena and Ruby


Year 5 spent a fun afternoon making skulls. Each skull had to exhibit a range of features that would allow an expert to identify the class of animal e.g. Bird, amphibian, mammal etc, and whether the creature was a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore. Which species could these skulls be from?