Rules of Summer

Year 4/5 have been creating their own audio books based on the book ‘Rules of Summer’. The pictures are fantastic and they used these to create their own narrative. Well done Toucans! Do you know how to make an audio book? Have you ever used iMovie before?

‘I enjoyed making an audio book as it was my first time and it was fun!’ Maria


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Saxons and Vikings day

DSC00303 DSC00314 DSC00317 DSC00309 DSC00322 DSC00374At the beginning of term, the Hobgoblin Theatre Company visited Year 5 to kickstart our new topic: Vikings vs Saxons: Who would you rather be ruled by?

After performing their interactive play to the children, everybody had a chance to share what they had learnt about Viking and Saxon life, before trying out their own acting skills!

It was a great day and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Doves class group 2 Nature Documentary

In Doves class, we used information from our lessons to make a documentary.  To do this we had to create paper mache skulls. First we had to make a wire frame, it was very fiddly. After that, we used masking tape on the frame to paper mache over. The next day, we paper mached over the masking tape, we had to do a couple of layers. Soon after that, we painted the skull white and then added a few details. Then we used the skull for the start of the documentary.

In D.T. we made a mammal and a bird puppet , we used these for our documentary in the part of the elephant and swan life cycles. First of all, we needed to cut the felt for the body. After we have done that, we got our stuffing and used the hot glue gun to stick half of the body down, then we stuffed it and closed it with glue gun. We then cut out a head shape for the right puppet and glued it together. With string, we glue gunned a cog to the string to make legs, we made however many we needed. We then added any extra detail to the body and head. Finally, we sawed wooden sticks in half and tied string to the end of the sticks. We attached it to the body.

In our English lessons, we were trying to write a narrative like David Attenbrough.   We got into our groups that we worked in, and put all our ideas into one to make a script. In addition, after we decided the script, we typed it up on the laptop for the narrator.

Next we did some research in topic to find out what we were going to use for our life cycles. We added this information to our script then we printed it out.

Eventually, we chose who was going to do what such as(the director, filmer, narrator, presenters and the artistic director.) We asked the artistic director to make a slideshow for the background and scenary. We also needed to get black paper to make it look like a documentary, to hide the puppeteers.

If you want to see group 2’s documentary then follow the link below.Hope you enjoy it! Here are the credits Kiara, Lillie, Musa, Taabish, Jack D, Daniel, Niyah, Tommy and Nuraiya.Group 2 picture


Doves class nature documentary group 3

In Doves class, we were split into groups we were group three. This is what happened during our activities.

This is what we did when we made our fantastic skulls. First of all we made the wire structure. To do this we got wire cut into pieces so we could form the main bulk of the skull. We then gathered our masking tape and wrapped it continuously to make it sturdy. Then we made paper mache’ out of newspaper. To make the paper mache’ we used PVA glue and put some water into it to make it runny. Once we had put paper mache’ onto the masking tape we waited for it to dry. After extra few days, due to the fact that some were drenched in glue, we painted our skulls with white paint. We used three coats of paint. After the paint had dried we cut up toilet rolls and used the ends of it for eyes. Then we decorated it to make it look old. We used:

*Tea bags


*Black paint

*Brown paint


Our next stage was making puppets.

When we finished the skulls we started making puppets  such as an ostrich and a spider monkey. To do this we used:

*Different materials

*Wooden cams

*Glue guns

*Pom- Poms

*Googly eyes



*Wooden sticks

*Pipe cleaners

*and team work

If you would like to see our hard work please copy and paste the link into the search bar. Hope you enjoyed our recap of what we did.

created by:Group 3 picture

Madison, Yaharah, Jack N, Joey, Jagdeep, Arwen, Chloe, Holly and Marlee..

Doves Class Group 1 Nature Documentary

Skulls :

First, we used wire to form our base of the skull. Secondly we used masking tape, to make the wire structure strong. After rapidly covering the wire with masking tape, we used papier mache on our skulls. Once it dried, we painted and sprinkled the items from a tea bag. Finally we added detail.



First , we cut out our zebra and peacock body shape, after drawing it on fabric! Also we made the head shape for both and added the face details, which was very easy to do. After that, we hot glue gunned the tail on whilst we was doing that for the zebra Karen and Glade cut out some black stripes to stick on the zebra. After we stuck on the legs, we used colourful pipe cleaners to stick around all of the  peacocks  body. Then completed the legs. Finally, we stuck on all the details and all of us (Karen,Alfie,Glade,Kizzy,Joseph,Nabil,Matthew,Victor) got burnt by the glue gun but we all helped.

Writing script:

The next day, in English we wrote a paragraph about the  skull that we made (which we are pretending is a zebra). After that we wrote about a mammal life cycle, which was pretty hard according to us. Then we wrote about a zebra life cycle and a peacocks life cycle. Finally a fun, frog poem and a life cycle of a plant. This took a couple of days, but it was pretty easy.

Background and scenery:

First things first, we covered a table with black paper and held up our presenters sat under the table and held up Shaley (who is our puppet).  When we got to the butterfly and dragonfly scene, we bluetaced  a huge origami butterfly to make it look realistic.


Victor, filmed the whole documentary video and he done a fabulous job. It was hard to keep it accurately focusing on Shaley Attenborough. But in the end I got it right.


What went well and bad:

The presenters were careful not to show their heads. Also  they were very steady with the  presenter. In addition , gluing the clothing on was fun and was easy but only one person got burnt (who was Karen). Also gluing the hair was really bad due to the fact the hair wouldn’t stick on so we had pile lots of glue on and that’s the only way it would stay. When we stuck on the stripes Karen, kizzy and glade got burnt multiples of times. The pipe- cleaners were also pretty hard to put on because nearly all of us got burnt. Sticking on the puppet sticks to hold on to were super easy to glue.


If you would like to see all of our hard work please follow the link below which will take you to our documentary. We hope you enjoy it!
Karen, Kizzy, Glade, Matthew, Victor, Joseph, Nabil and Alfie. 1 picture