The Rainbow Bear

We had an exciting Monday morning! We became Arctic Explorers! We had to hunt around the conservation area to try and find the arctic animals and then record the exciting facts.

We are now reading The Rainbow Bear by Michael Morpurgo. Have you ever set out to find the end of a rainbow? What do you think you might find?


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Learning about our rights!

This week in Albatross class we have been learning about the United Nations rights of a child. We were given a part of a jigsaw and (without talking!) had to move around the room to find the other children who completed our jigsaw. In these teams we talked about children’s rights and the responsibility that is linked to them.

A big well done for being so curious and creating such interesting discussion!

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Rules of Summer

Year 4/5 have been creating their own audio books based on the book ‘Rules of Summer’. The pictures are fantastic and they used these to create their own narrative. Well done Toucans! Do you know how to make an audio book? Have you ever used iMovie before?

‘I enjoyed making an audio book as it was my first time and it was fun!’ Maria


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Saxons and Vikings day

DSC00303 DSC00314 DSC00317 DSC00309 DSC00322 DSC00374At the beginning of term, the Hobgoblin Theatre Company visited Year 5 to kickstart our new topic: Vikings vs Saxons: Who would you rather be ruled by?

After performing their interactive play to the children, everybody had a chance to share what they had learnt about Viking and Saxon life, before trying out their own acting skills!

It was a great day and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Doves class group 2 Nature Documentary

In Doves class, we used information from our lessons to make a documentary.  To do this we had to create paper mache skulls. First we had to make a wire frame, it was very fiddly. After that, we used masking tape on the frame to paper mache over. The next day, we paper mached over the masking tape, we had to do a couple of layers. Soon after that, we painted the skull white and then added a few details. Then we used the skull for the start of the documentary.

In D.T. we made a mammal and a bird puppet , we used these for our documentary in the part of the elephant and swan life cycles. First of all, we needed to cut the felt for the body. After we have done that, we got our stuffing and used the hot glue gun to stick half of the body down, then we stuffed it and closed it with glue gun. We then cut out a head shape for the right puppet and glued it together. With string, we glue gunned a cog to the string to make legs, we made however many we needed. We then added any extra detail to the body and head. Finally, we sawed wooden sticks in half and tied string to the end of the sticks. We attached it to the body.

In our English lessons, we were trying to write a narrative like David Attenbrough.   We got into our groups that we worked in, and put all our ideas into one to make a script. In addition, after we decided the script, we typed it up on the laptop for the narrator.

Next we did some research in topic to find out what we were going to use for our life cycles. We added this information to our script then we printed it out.

Eventually, we chose who was going to do what such as(the director, filmer, narrator, presenters and the artistic director.) We asked the artistic director to make a slideshow for the background and scenary. We also needed to get black paper to make it look like a documentary, to hide the puppeteers.

If you want to see group 2’s documentary then follow the link below.Hope you enjoy it! Here are the credits Kiara, Lillie, Musa, Taabish, Jack D, Daniel, Niyah, Tommy and Nuraiya.Group 2 picture