Steel drum lessons!!!!!

Today in school we discovered how to play steel drums.It was so amazing and interesting. I wish I had one at home. The teacher taught us to play with a rhythm, the alphabet like G,a,b,c,d,e,f,g.We worked as a team to create an amazing melody,which attracted all teachers to come and join in the fun,and we all really enjoyed ourselves.It taught us a lesson to relax with music and push away stress.Moreover,each note had a different tone and we got taught how to use the sticks. Steel drums created a lot of music features altogether,whilst we were playing away in perfect tune.Each note had a different sound to give more interest!We are so excited for next weeks lessons.Lets keep up the good music Toucans. This was written by Daisy and joe


Today, we learnt how to be osteologists and we identified skulls from animals. We would have to find out if it was a herbivore or a carnivore or an omnivore. Also we had to identify if it was male or female. It was amazing fun and we learnt new historic facts from a primary source. In addition, we had to see if it had side to side movement of the lower jaw. Additionally, we had to find out if they were a predator or prey or both. It was FANTASTIC!
This was blogged by Tyrell and Wiktor