BBA Oliver Twist

Today children in Year 5 and Year 6 were incredibly lucky – they got to visit Bristol Brunel Academy to watch children from BBA perform Oliver Twist! We even saw some children perform who used to go to our school! The play was fantastic, and everybody at TMHP was singing the songs on the way back to school.

Have a look at some of the photos from BBA’s performance:

What did you enjoy about the play?
Would you like to go to BBA when you leave TMHP?

One thought on “BBA Oliver Twist

  1. I enjoyed the bit in the play when the bad guy was singing his song and he went up to the kids and teachers.I would like to go to BBA when I am in year seven because I like drama and if I could go I would like it.This is because I would like to participate in the drama activities.If I could choose three activities I would choose Maths, Art and last but no means least drama but that might change over the years. I’m definitely going to BBA and if I dont I dont want to go to school.

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