Doves class nature documentary group 3

In Doves class, we were split into groups we were group three. This is what happened during our activities.

This is what we did when we made our fantastic skulls. First of all we made the wire structure. To do this we got wire cut into pieces so we could form the main bulk of the skull. We then gathered our masking tape and wrapped it continuously to make it sturdy. Then we made paper mache’ out of newspaper. To make the paper mache’ we used PVA glue and put some water into it to make it runny. Once we had put paper mache’ onto the masking tape we waited for it to dry. After extra few days, due to the fact that some were drenched in glue, we painted our skulls with white paint. We used three coats of paint. After the paint had dried we cut up toilet rolls and used the ends of it for eyes. Then we decorated it to make it look old. We used:

*Tea bags


*Black paint

*Brown paint


Our next stage was making puppets.

When we finished the skulls we started making puppets  such as an ostrich and a spider monkey. To do this we used:

*Different materials

*Wooden cams

*Glue guns

*Pom- Poms

*Googly eyes



*Wooden sticks

*Pipe cleaners

*and team work

If you would like to see our hard work please copy and paste the link into the search bar. Hope you enjoyed our recap of what we did.

created by:Group 3 picture

Madison, Yaharah, Jack N, Joey, Jagdeep, Arwen, Chloe, Holly and Marlee..