Midget Gem Maths!

Today year 5 had to use and apply a range of division skills to divide up the sweets equally and then form their own division number sentences based on the value of each colour sweet. It was tricky but they worked as a team!

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  1. How do you survive a disastrous advent that didn’t go to plan?

    If you were Shackleton would you go to Antarctica and come back or would you go there and not come back for 5 years?

    Don’t forget that you need a pick axe and shovel because the snow and ice is really deep.

    What would be the thing you would miss the most?

  2. – 1. In the summer in Antarctica, do all of the very thin ice sheets melt?
    – 2. Do Albatrosses live or fly over Antarctica?
    – 3. Are all ice sheets hard so you can stand on them?
    – 4. How long can one person survive in Antarctica?
    – 5. Can books survive in Antarctica?

  3. How long can you sarvive in the Antartic?

    How many members of the cure got frostbite?

    How many dogs did they kill?

    Did the men get ingred ?

    We’re there any animals at Antarticia?


  4. Homework How far is it from the equator to the United Kingdom? Where does the tropic zone end?How far away is the North Pole to the South Pole?How big is Antarctica?How quickly does the earth spin?

  5. 1. How do people survive in Antartica?

    2. How many people live in the Antartica?

    3. How many penguin live in Antartica?

    4. How many Albatrosses live Antartica?

    5. How many species of animals live in Antartica?

  6. it was so fun we ate some midet gems after!!!! Miss Rogers Is the best

  7. my homework l bot 3 activity 3
    1. was Antarctica and Artic together as a whole world because I read in a text that scientists found a plant far beneath the ice, a plant found in hot country, so I’m wondering if Antarctica an Artic together in-between the equator but got split up?
    2. why is Antarctica colder than the artic?
    3. if you went into space , if you look at the world will you see clouds on it?
    4.on the world is the equator a invisible line because I cant see it when I lookup in the sky?
    5.if I lived near the equator how high could temperatures get?

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