Our Pulley Toys!

In year 5 we have been busy making these moving toys. We have used our knowledge of pulleys to create these.

First we designed our toy and used this plan throughout the process
Whilst we were making these toys we noticed that the rotary movement created a linear movement.
Finally we evaluated the finished products.

This is what we had to say about them…

‘The pulley toy was fun to make because we had to saw pieces of wood to create the frame. We also used hot glue guns!’ – Joey Britton

‘It was very fun making the toy, especially when we had to create the pulley system.’ – Kizzy Foley

‘I found it a little tricky because the glue gun section was really fiddly, but I am proud of my toy!‘ – Madison Crane
DSC00147 DSC00153 DSC00155

3 thoughts on “Our Pulley Toys!

  1. I loved making the pulley toys because they were fun to make

  2. woah!! in Albitross class we were making pully toys to. They look great

  3. I really loved creating our pulls toys…….Especially when we made our background……..it was really FUN……..Thanks to “Miss Chandran” and ” Miss Milford”……..I HOPE WE CAN DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT AGAIN

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