Rules of Summer

Year 4/5 have been creating their own audio books based on the book ‘Rules of Summer’. The pictures are fantastic and they used these to create their own narrative. Well done Toucans! Do you know how to make an audio book? Have you ever used iMovie before?

‘I enjoyed making an audio book as it was my first time and it was fun!’ Maria


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6 thoughts on “Rules of Summer

  1. I loved recording the voice and it was fun and funny at the same time whilst writing it was fun as well

  2. It was amazing I’ve went and did trailers not movies it was fun.

  3. I enjoyed it because I new all the tricks on I movie and I taught my group to do it.

    • I really enjoyed your audio book. I particularly liked the ending! Well done! Miss Rogers

  4. It was an amazing experience! And it was my first time. Gracie

    • Well done Gracie! Your group worked really hard and the ending was fantastic! Miss Rogers

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