The Boy of the Painted Cave

In literacy, we have been reading the story, ‘The Boy of the Painted Cave’. Using this text as a stimulus, we have been exploring different ways of adding detail to our writing. What do you think will happen to Tao next? Will he see the wolf cub again? Post a comment with your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “The Boy of the Painted Cave

  1. I think Tao will go to Two Mile Hill Primary School and apply for the position of ‘Chief Reflection Monitor’. The application process will by grueling, with many challenges and adventures awaiting him!

  2. The boy of the painted cave is a great book. I loved the lesson when we wrote a conversation between two charters.This conversation was between Tao and Vult. Due to this cause we had to act the conversation out which was so fun !!!!! 🙂

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