WOW Topic Lesson – Trading

Last Tuesday all three Year 5 classes joined together to trade different items with each other as part of our new topic “How Has Trade Shaped Bristol?”. Each class was in charge of a different resource and had to trade with the other classes. What was your favourite part of the afternoon? What did you learn?


7 thoughts on “WOW Topic Lesson – Trading

  1. why did slavery start ?
    when did it start ?
    what was the first thing traded from Bristol?
    when was the first thing traded from Bristol?
    what was the first car traded from Bristol?

  2. Who was the person who made the first ever trade in Bristol?
    Why did the people of Bristol never think of the slaves rights?
    What was the price slaves had to pay to buy their freedom?
    Who was the first slave trade?
    Did any slaves try and escape after they had been traded?

    • I meant who was the first slave traded instead of who was the first slave trade.

  3. Why did slavery happen?
    How did it make the afrians feel?
    How did the slavery hurt the europe trade?
    Why did they do slave trade?
    How did slave trade help some people?

  4. Why did slavery happen?
    What country started it?
    How did it impact Africa?
    How did it impact Britain?
    How long were the journeys on the boat?

  5. What is slavery?
    Why did it happen?
    Was it right?
    How did it impact the trade?
    How did it impact people in Africa?

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